FS/FT: Mint Positron, Mint Petr Kavka Chief and some stuff

Positron (Mint as new) 175 165 Shipped! GOT 170 OFFER! SOLD FOR 170
I got this from David Molnar and i might sell or trade it. It’s totally MINT! if you want to buy it give me an OFFER! Shipping is 10 dollars with tracking number. and when you send with paypal please check as “gift” because of tax. If you don’t want to send it with “gift” choice please calculate your tax fee and send like that.
EDIT: I don’t really want to sell this. So i might think trades more than cash offers because i paid a lot for this beauty. And before offering something check if it’s equal with your throw. :slight_smile:

CLYW Petr Kavka Whale Chief (Totally Mint!!! smoothest yoyo i’ve ever played!) OFFER FOR THIS!!!(Don’t offer less than 190) SOLD FOR 175!

YYF Primo (I got this with some stratches but no vibe, awesome player!) a Skyline would be good for this!

YYF Supernova (Didnt really play with it. totally mint! it’s 2011 edition so 7075 metal) 80 Shipped!

I want:
CLYW Avalanche, sasquatch (I don’t care what color way or which run is it just want it)
YYF Skyline, superstar ( must be mint and bead blasted)

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Have a specific price in mind?

i dont think something less then 165. AND I GOT 6 OFFERS FROM THE FIRST DAY! btw



Just thought everyone should know that this user was banned on YYN for selling BOOTLEG JAPANESE YOYOS.

If buying a JAPANESE-MADE HIGH-END YOYO from them, I’d advise caution.

If you have a problem with me you can ask David Molnar for it. Are you trying to sabotage my BST?

No, I’m just letting everyone know that you’ve sold Japanese bootlegs in the past. And you’re currently selling a Japanese yoyo. Which is suspicious.


Well if there is anyone who is suspicious about this don’t hesitate to pm me and ask it to David molnar on fb :slight_smile:

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