Peterfish still at Walgreens?


Hi guys,

Are peterfish yo-yos still at Walgreens? I want to know because the club is running with 4 people wanting to learn yo-yo and 2 for 10 dollars for ball bearing yo-yos is a good price. I also want to buy a pair for 3A. Anybody know?

(Chase Baxter) #2

They should be, I just bought a pair for 3A too I believe 2 or 3 days ago. But I’m not the hugest fan


Better than nothing. Heard after a clean bearing and siliconed flushed, you can Ladder Escape on them… twice on one throw.

(laxdude99) #4

Yea my brother has 2 for 3a and try play amazing


I can almost do it with it stock.

I bought like 10, only have one left cause I gave a bunch away, but they’re really fun.

As for the question, I saw them at walgreens last week. Hopefully they don’t stop selling them.


So, I’ll take it that they still sell them now. I’m afraid of making the trip there and turns out the shelves don’t have any.


I am not sure if the yoyos are still in Walgreens. Towards the end of the summer they went through what was supposed to be there last stocking. It is possible that some still have them in.

If you are looking for peter fish yoyos, you can always get them online at

(202andrew) #8

When you buy it, it is super responsive. I have one for sale in my B/S/T and it has a small bearing and has a k-pad and chaz pad. Mine plays non-responsive.


yes. when i started i bought a luminator. one word: BAD


Update: I just looked at my local Walgreens and they weren’t there. Just imperials. The Cake is a Lie!