I was gonna post this on the skill toys section, but I am not sure if this is a skill toy. Anyone here play with these? I have beaten all but the epic (duhh). I gave my rookie and my original to my younger cousins, not sure if they use them. I still have the epic. So which do you guys have (if you actually do it). Which have you beaten.


I have the original. It is fun to go through the maze. I have beat it multiple times.


I own the original haven’t beaten it yet got it as a present for my birthday last year and I find it really fun i use it quite a bit it is super fun ;D

(DOGS) #4

I’m a big fan of games like these. A friend of mine has a pair of Perplexi and I thought they were super fun.


Is that the sphere where there’s a whole bunch of mazes inside?
I have one of those and have beaten every level.
I’ve even found some shortcuts.


Yep that’s what we are talking about


I think my perplexes is like 9 or 10 years old. I remember that becuase I’ve had it as long as I’ve lived in my house. It refuses to break as well. When I wasn’t as mild tempered as I am now, I would constantly throw it against the floor. I also remember sitting on it after getting mad at a certain part of Knights of the Old Republic.
It still plays brand new.


Wow that is indestuctable


Them perplexuses are built to last.


I have had 3 break with in 5 minutes of mine being opened…rendering them useless. :frowning:


I take back my previous comment.






Epic what?


Perplexus epic


Ah that makes sense