Perils of yoyo maintainence !


We’ve all been there; clueless beginner with no idea how to maintain their yoyos while embarking on a quest to clean a bearing, silicone recess or polish a yoyo for the first time.

Even if you are pretty seasoned at the whole thing by now, occasionally yo yo maintenance can turn out, well, like this …

What are your biggest yoyo maintenance fails ?

I bent an axle in the filming of this video, so now my Tre vibes, :-\ whoops…

(Erik Kerber ) #2

My biggest fail was when I got my first $100+ yoyo I was deshielding the bearing and it exploaded and the balls went flying every where. The only reason that happend was because the bearing was deffective but it was still a fail. :smiley:


This is now why my dad makes me do this stuff outside… That and it stinks up the house.


Since I first did it 3 weeks ago, I’ve only cleaned + lubed my bearings for the first time. I encountered a few issues:

  1. The little, thin c-ring that serves as a lock pops off and it is a pain to find it and get it back.

  2. I’m a bit touchy when it comes to chemicals. I couldn’t bring myself to just dump the liquid in the drain or burn it off with fire. I couldn’t let it just evaporate because my dog might do stuff with it.

  3. I experimented cleaning an A sized bearing. It was horrible getting rid of c-ring. It was worse putting it back and ended up bending it. I am now left with a non functioning raider.

  4. When spinning my bearing on a pencil after it’s lubed, some of the lube splatter off. I end up cleaning it and it sucks getting lube off some surfaces. It’s worse if the solvent that splatters…it peels off paint from wooden tables.


There’s really not a need for putting the shields back in for yoyo bearings. Many top bearings come un shielded for easier access. Unless your walking the dog through dirt and stuff. If it’s on your skateboard you’ll want to put the shields back on, otherwise don’t bother


If you put in enough for it to splash, you put way too much.

Also on bearings the size of that in the Raider - just pry the shields out and throw them away.


Yeah, I figured I put in too much because my yo-yo became so responsive I felt like it was going to attack me.

I’m just playing with my raider with naked bearings. I just oil it up more frequently.