Perfecting Chopstick Suicides?

Hey guys, I have been doing chopstick suicides for awhile now (catching them more frequently lately), rarely catching on thumb and pointer, but catching with other fingers . Last night I started trying to hit the consecutive chop suicides, and have yet to hit it after maybe 100 tries. I think it works to help pull th back after the loops pop over the hand, to open them more, but I could he imagining that. Also, I bend the knees to catch in the downfall, which seems to help. What are the tricks you use to hit chop suis? Where is your release point? Do you touch the loops to the back of your th as you prepare to release? How do you pull your consecutive chop suis? Any and all help is appreciated.

Much love and respect as always.


I can’t even land regular suicides more than half the time :smiley:

What is your set up before the suicide?

Do you just go into Chopsticks, or do you add a wrap around the axle?

I’ve seen lots of people do then with a wrap around the axle.

I just pop into the chop, then throw. I have never heard of the wrap before…is that better?

Thanks for replying guys.


I’m not great at this so don’t take my word for it, but here is the video I saw:

Don’t know who this guy is, but the channel has some good stuff.

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This video doesn’t answer your questions, but can’t be posted too often:


Every time I see that video, I question the choices in my life.

I tried that, but failed miserably. I have enough ocd to know not to get further involved with that 5 finger suicide. For those that do want to do it, I realized you need a really long string for a proper swing.

if you’re doing it from an actual thumb mount don’t pull to open the loop, it’ll break the whole thing up. make sure your tension is just right and when you pull your fingers out be sure to twist the mount

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