Peregrine or wait on Vulture?

I’m interested in y’all’s input - My current favorite yo-yo is my hummingbird and did also enjoy the sunbird.

I’m interested in trying the peregrine and also I saw the spoiler for their newest throw the vulture - wasn’t sure how I felt of it at first but I think it’ll be just as dope as their others I’ve thrown just in a different shape.

If you had to pick one which would you go with?

Thanks for all input and if this is in the wrong section sorry and can adjust.

I personally enjoy the Peregrine way more than the Hummingbird. The HB just felt way too light for my liking, even though the Peregrine is less than 1.5g more, the width really makes it play more to my preferences.

I’d say find yourself a used Peregrine and if you don’t like it, resell and get the Vulture. Or just get both, you can never have too many yoyos.


Yoyofriends always makes some pretty awesome yo-yos so you can’t really go wrong with either one you choose or you can always buy both and have a collection of sick yo-yo birds too :grin: so it all comes down to opinion but both are bi-metals in their own way so either one will play fantastic :+1:t2::wink:


I’ve played the Peregrine, but I’m just basing how I think the Vulture will play off of its shape and specs. The Peregrine will be better at speed, horizontal, and hop combos. The Vulture will be better at tech with better stability because of its higher weight and H shape. So it’s a question of maneuverability versus stability and power.


I’ll probably get whichever one comes out in purple first.


Smart. The heart wants what the heart wants :purple_heart:

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I’m trying to get all the YoyoFriends throws in purple, which is impossible of course since, AFAIK, neither the Raytracer nor the Peregrine were ever released in purple. But I’m still on the lookout for a purple Magpie, and hope that one of these days the Peregrine will come out in purple (fingers crossed for the Vulture as well).




Agreed on the purples - even something like this would be sick for either to be back in stock


Get the Vulture….

Part of yo-yoing is the adventure of buying trying trading selling shelving etc.

Everybody pretty much knows by now that the peregrine is an excellent yoyoe. Everybody pretty much knows by now that yoyofriends doesn’t release yoyos that suck. Everybody that knows about yoyofriends and they’re excellent products knows that if they’re coming out with a yo-yo called the vulture that there’s a reasonably good chance it’s gonna be at least as good and probably better because they build on what they learn. So I find it highly doubtful with their excellent crew of testers around the world that they’re going to release a new yo-yo that’s going to be lame. Remove the emotion from the equation and just consider the logical perspective. They messed around with various specs ….did a little CAD did a lot of testing and boom the vulture is born.

And if it is as good as they probably think it is and you possibly think it is and everybody that gets one before you find out that it is then you’re gonna have a lot easier time just picking up a used peregrine in a box of Kleenex then to find a vulture once it’s sold out in everybody’s laughing in your face and laughing behind your back because you didn’t pull the trigger and now you’re a loser and you’re gonna die screaming…


Yall givng me ideas on releasing peregrine in purple the next run lol. Anyways some of you guys are right. Peregrine has more speed, acceleration and feels lighter. Vulture is more power, control and flow focused. It depends on your yoyoing preference. Also yes we are working on magpie, but it will be completely revamped and we are making the prototype for it right now.


That would be siiiiick!! And thanks for chiming in!

I am really enjoying that one’s who make yo-yos enjoy and throw themselves compared to other hobbies/communities I’ve been in =)

And @yoyodoc thanks that is a helpful perspective - wasn’t considering how the ease of obtaining vulture would be after release in comparison to peregrine in terms of availability