people on chat

if your on chat dont try to sell people stuff or get on just to talk to the bot, its for yoyoers not random people who want something to do

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Who are you?

Eh… some of my favorite chats have nothing to do with yoyos. And it’s on this site. As long as the chats are appropriate of nature, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with talking about not yoyo related stuff. Also, a good way to make sure you’re getting a good trade is to go into chat… instant answers for easy questions.

I do agree that its is annoying when you log onto the chat and right away someone is like “check out my bst! Buy my stuff!”

I do agree it is annoying when you turn on your TV and right away there is a commercial of someone saying “Buy my stuff!”

Life, man…

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All I can say is there is no reason for this thread.