Pennsylvania Competitions?

I’m in Northeastern Pennsylvania and wondering if there are any competitions in PA or even if there are any in New York or another neighboring state. I want to eventually start competing, but it seems like when I search for yoyo contests in PA i can only find websites for past contests that haven’t been around for years.

I’ve heard of nationals in New York, but I’d really like to start on the State level at least to get some experience. Also, can you compete in States if you aren’t from that state?.

What part of NEPA?

The word on the street is that there was talk about one late this year but I really wouldn’t hold your breath. Also NY States is going to be in the Buffalo area.

NY States is just a rumor and isn’t happening in Buffalo. The guy just has an idea of running a contest in buffalo that will probably not be called NY states from what i’ve heard.Also, Mike Gleockner is looking in on organizing PA states.

I’m in Tunkhannock, its a small town about a half an hour from Scranton.

That would be sweet if PA States happened. I’m a professional web designer and would be interested in contributing a website to help with the event if this Mike Gleockner is on this forum.

Last I talked to John, he is in the process of getting the ball rolling to have the NY contest up in the Buff area.

I know where that is, I’m in Scranton.

Oh what I heard was that he’s going to try to organize a contest there, but it wouldn’t be called NY states because most of the NY’ers are from Albany below. Anywho, Mike Gleockner and Jesse C. from Vs Newton are thinking about organizing one. Just a rumor. And both are on another forum.

That’s cool…I was starting to think I was the only thrower in the area.

I may have to try to get in touch with this Mike Gleockner and Jesse C.

AAh, I see. Anyway, I hope something does happen in PA.

I know the feeling :smiley:

been crossing my fingers for a PA states for almost a year and was disappointed when it didn’t happen last year. I’m from around pittsburgh.

I think most of you should step up to the plate and contact Mike G. I would, but i’m fairly far from PA.

Same here. If there will be a contest, anybody have any idea where would it be held?

I’m not sure where it would be. Maybe some place in central PA would be best for everyone.

I’m willing to contact Mike G. if someone knows his screen name and what forum he’s on.

PM later.

I live like 50 mins from Pittsburgh.

me to, i live in charleroi :slight_smile: