Is there a yoyo contest in every state?


I was wondering if there is a yoyo contest in every state in America. Thanks!


Nope, some do some don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. There are no Contests here in PA so I’m going to Ohio for the contest.

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Some contests are regional meaning they are ment for multiple states in a certain region such as PNWR .(Pacific NorthWest Regional)


Where do you live in PA, Nooner? Some guys have a get together in the Lancaster/Berks county area.


There used the one in Georgia but they recently stopped.


There isn’t one for oregon


Beaver County around the Pittsburgh area


Are there any contests near New Jersey? I wouldn’t compete (nowhere near good enough to), but I would just go to meet some other throwers. I dont know any other throwers.


They stopped right as i started to throw.
I was really hoping to go to Worlds, being that they probably wont be back in the Southeast anytime soon, but school starts a DAY before Worlds does :stuck_out_tongue:


Fly out to Ohio, it’s not that far.

Tickets aren’t too expensive.

Talk to your parents about it.

Oh, I also sent you those strings.


I am I the exact same position.


I believe every state is covered by a regional and I am going to the mid east regionals it is only 20 min away in Plymouth mi


Even the school part?




Wow coincidence much?
What grade are you going to be (10th) and what part of GA Are you from? (I’m like right between Marietta and Kennesaw, but in Marietta)