peak and sebby peak?


what is the difference between a peak and a sebby peak? is a sebby peak a special edition or something?




Sebby peak is just acolor way.

Sebastian Brock “Sebby” Peak
Just a colourway of 2nd run peaks.

(Edmeister) #5

Just a different Run.
Lemme break CLYW’s System in here.
All CLYW’s have 1st Runs , 2nd Runs , 3rd Runs , And forth.

Peaks are Discountinoued and Sebby peaks are Rare.
They arent different they just have a different colorway.
I believe Sebby Peaks are 2nd Run.
If you google “Peak History” you will find on another forum a history about the Peaks and Every run and Colorway.
It is made after Ex-player Sebastian Brock I believe.
He left CLYW a few Months ago so Yeah.
CLYW dosen’t really have any “Different yoyos” But they do have runs
Like the Chief their is a Lighter Version and a Heavier Version.