PDX-Yo & The Batsquatch - YoYo Feature

Hello everyone,

Check out my detailed look at PDX-Yo and the Batsquatch to see why it’s still one of the top Bi-Metal organics ever!


Awesome feature, great stuff.
I have an army green. It comes out the box every now and again for a carpet session. I’m so careful with it coz it’s so special to me. It floats but accelerates nicely for my moderate abilities.
I love it. It’s silk.

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Its a special combo of smooth and light but still alot of gas. Like a high powered sports car!


Really nice review, thanks man! I love mine, it kind of plays like if the MC was engineered into a competition throw.


The new Batsquatch has been released on YoYo Expert & the PDX-Yo site. Check out this feature on the OG 7075 version if you haven’t already!