Pay it Forward Modded Responsives

I have been modifying some responsive yo-yos for a while and documenting my progress. Some have followed along and some have even tried their own mods. Many though, for reasons of their own choose not to modify their own yo-yos so I am sharing some of mine. I have modified all of these with narrow bearings to bring the halves closer together so that they will be responsive without the need to add lube to the bearings. I tune the gap width with shims if needed in order to get to a spot where I have response with no delay and yet the string will still slide in the gap while sitting in trapeze. These feel way different than in their stock configuration. I’m including a Deep State with narrow C bearing, a Deeper State with narrow C bearing and a Snack with narrow C bearing (had to grease for best response but still zings) also there is a Confusion with narrow (3mm) A bearing, 1 thick pad, and 1 thin pad, as well as a Bi-Metal Bumblebee with narrow A bearing and grey silicone flowed pads filling the entire sticker groove. This is the best playing Bi-Metal Bumblebee you’ll ever play. If, that is, you were actually wanting your BB to play responsive.

I will send the package on to the next person to post, ”I’ll take it,” here, in this this thread. DM’s don’t count, it needs to be in thread to keep everything fair (Continguous 48 states only, please). You will get these great throws to use and enjoy, completely free, for four weeks (give or take a few days)

HOWEVER! By accepting this offer, you also accept the responsibility of creating a similar post at the end of your four week period, as well as paying the shipping fees in sending it on to the next person.

I have sent this first to @Pun1sh3R. At the end of 4 weeks he will repost and the next person to reply “I’ll take it” will get them next. I chose this method as opposed to a list because I’m just going to have trouble keeping up with a list. I’ll leave it at this and if there are questions please feel free to ask.


I will add that I play 1a with these so I’m not sure how they’ll do with 0a. They play fast.


I would love to give them a go!! I’ll take it!! Thanks.


I’m always interested in hearing peoples opinions playing 0A with that bi-Metal bumblebee. I hear it’s a real knuckle basher.

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My apologies for not clarifying. Arrangements were made with Pun1sh3R prior to me starting this thread and they are on their way to him. After he has done his bit then he will repost and then the first to say “I’ll take it” gets the next turn. Since this was my blunder I’ll make sure you get them next. You then have 4 weeks to enjoy them. Afterward you would then repost the rules and the first to say”I’ll take it gets the next turn and that keeps going until no-one else says “I’ll take it”
Please tell me I’ve explained that well enough. :grin:


So cool!!! Will be keeping an eye out for these.

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That’s my bad too. The last few Pay it forwards had gone to a “list” style so I just read it wrong. Thanks again for offering these up!

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Yeah I like the self managed first come first serve pif


I will be stalking this thread so I can snag these as soon as possible :smiling_imp:


I’ll let some folks jump in first as I have these same throws but I plan to snag this at some point to compare notes on the mods as we were both modding ours slightly different. Mine more tight snappy for 0A and @Slestak75 more for long spin for 1A responsive tricks.


I’ll put out there a little, I don’t know, forewarning…maybe. The grey silicone that is in the Bumblebee gives me concerns as far as how long it’ll hold up and I’ll tell you why. If you have a bi-metal Bumblebee you know how the pad area is arranged. It has a recess for standard 19mm pads that sits inside of a larger diameter but far less shallow recess that is for Duncan Friction Stickers like the “one” pair that comes with it. :rofl:
So I siliconed to fill in the 19mm recess as well as the sticker recess. The play is so much better than anything else I ever tried but as thin as that sticker recess is, I’m concerned the silicone will not survive too long. So I’m hoping that in the future event when this happens that someone out there isn’t afraid to add more silicone.


Yoyos arived safe and well packaged today. They are safely in my posession.

I only have some courtesy throws on them at this point.

First impressions; Dry bearings AND responsive are two things that were previously never used in the same sentence.

While they play very similar to their thin lubed counterparts that I have, they are uniquely different in feel.

The magical work Mr. Steve has put into these is interesting to say the least.

Biggest eye opener is his Bumble Bee. This yoyo plays how I had imagined it should.

I will try to play them when I can, but the next 4 days are crazy in my world.

One thing I can say; I WILL be modifying my Bumble Bee. I will document it in Mr. Seve’s other thread to maybe help/encourage others.

Mr. Steve, maybe link that thread in the first post of this one.

Have fun


Glad they made it safe and sound. I did go ahead and post that link. I edited the first post to reflect that it’s not necessary to put all the effort into fabricating shims. :rofl:

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I’ll also add for all that try these, they are very sensitive to different strings. The ones that are on each throw are the ones I liked best for my style. Feel free to try your favorites and see what you like. I only ask that you try to keep the strings that are on them now paired up with the yo-yo they are on if you decide to experiment. I know they won’t last forever but at least for a while. :grin:

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I would hope like most pif people would replenish over time.

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Speaking of this…@rkalajian has made some super thick string specially for this PIF it’s even Bumblebee themed…:grin::honeybee:


When the box eventually gets to me I’ll be tossing 5 in!

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Finally having time to play with these this week. Sorry for the delay.

I am really enjoying these setups. “Uninhibited Responsives”.

While I have each of these yoyos, they do not play how these play.

I took the tried and true “Easy way Out” with mine. Not responding the way I want, add some thin lube. Still not there, add thick lube. Still not happy, add Silicone Grease. The further you get down this road, the less spin time (Not always a bad thing).

Mr. Steve’s additional work on these bring a different perspective. They sing like a sewing machine, but… a little tug… and its back.

Work is busy this week. I will make my PIF post next week, and look at shipping out Thursday or Friday.

Thank you Mr. Steve for sharing these with me.

Have fun.

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I’ve made 5 Himalayan Honey Strings for the box and mailed one off to @Pun1sh3R so he can give it a whirl. I’ll toss the last 4 into the box once it makes it to me!

I may also have a limited drop of a different color monster string in the Throw-Yo shop sometime this month.


I could certainly be down for some of that. :smiley: When those come up I would highly recommend anyone with a Bi Metal Bumblebee or a Confusion to try some of this string to feel a faster playing and more controlled throw from them. Just trying a thick string like this was one of the most noticeable of the changes I made to mine. You will be quite surprised at the difference it can make. But I have a few more extensive mods to mine that combine with the thick string to give a really nice play. At least I think so.

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