Pay It Forward Inception

I’ll take it!


Glad you love them as much as I do! I meant for each recipient to take one. :+1:t3:


That boy has landed! Along with the Qilin and KO, I have most of a Throwtation™ to put through the wringer!


Lets gooooo! take care of her… She is a beauty


This thing is… Not my cup of tea I don’t think. Feels like it’s too much for me to be honest. Reminds me of the Pragma I sold, but more compact. Definitely not a bad yoyo, feels like it would compete well, but I’m not competing in anything anytime soon.


Here are the rules again:
The first person to say “I’ll take it” here in this thread will receive this Inception in the mail! CONUS only please.
But here’s the catch: After two weeks (give or take a few days) you must make a post similar to this one in this thread, offering the yoyo up to the next person to say the magic words. You will be responsible for covering shipping to the next person.

So without further ado, the game’s live once again! It’s your chance to try out a smooth, powerful throw thanks to @Theycallmecotton and @FewandFarBetween!


I would love to try it! I’ll take it!


You got em!

When you say too much what do you mean by that? And can you talk about things you didn’t like about it a bit more?

Feels like it needs bangers I don’t have. I like a heavy throw, but this one somehow seems like it’s trying to kill me. I tried a couple different strings to be sure and a different bearing, but it snagged on me pretty regularly. It doesn’t seem to like relaxed play at all.

Same reason I’m selling the Basilisk D and sold my Surveillance, so it’s in great company! :joy:


You felt like it plays heavy? It only weighs 64gs. I feel like it plays exceptionally light and moves with ease almost like it can predict what want it to do and I use nytro plus which is super thick and never had a single snag so that’s interesting. Pretty cool to see different outlooks on same yo-yo.


Yeah I had a similar impression of weight when I played it, I’m surprised to hear it’s only 64 grams! I had no issues with it snagging though, binds were nice.
I think I know what Chris means, the Inception seems to carry momentum and “flow” when it plays which would benefit someone who has a definite routine planned out. I myself am more of a spontaneous player and don’t exactly know what element I’m going to try and do next.

It’s sorta like the Inception is like “Alright it’s time to dominate this routine, don’t waffle on me and I’ll do everything you ask!” and I’m like “What routine? I just wanna play!”



Inception is now in good hands (along with Qilin and KO). My first impressions on Inception are WOW! I like it. Its fast, stable and seems like it can handle a lot more than I can throw at it. SO comfortable in the hand!!! I’ll be adding her to my collection when the time comes. It does indeed play heavier than 64g but I like the feel. TOO PRETTY!

More on Qilin and KO in the other thread. Pay It Forward: Rebellion Qilin


Inception is so amazing. To me the inception plays like one of the lightest bimetals that I own. Happy to hear that you’re enjoying it


How’s the inception

Inception is soooo goood! I take back my heavy comment in that it does play a little lighter that I thought. I had to weigh it because I didnt believe it was only 64g… It is. Weird because I think you expect it to be heavy with how big the rims look. !! Thats what the Ti brings to the table!!. Inception is SOLID and it doesnt get any more comfortable in the hand.

Sadly it is time to travel.

From @Theycallmecotton original post…
Heres that catch. In 2 weeks (give or take a few days) you must copy this post and send it on to someone else.
By accepting this, you are taking responsibility to pay shipping to the next person.
Lets see how long we can keep it going!
Simply be the first to say in this thread “ill take it”
I will pm you to get the addy.
Once you receive it please take a photo or video and post in this thread.
I will include a card for everyone that receives it to sign.
A pox on the one who breaks the chain!!!


Sorry, I kept it so long. I just now realized that you specified 2 weeks. I had 30 days in my head from my previous “pay it forward” experiences.


It’s definitely something special! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it

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I’d like to try it!


You are up! Please DM me your address. It will go out today.