Patrick Canny: 20XIII


I’m proud to present to you: 20XIII

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(Owen) #2

tooooo good mane, get spnsrd plz


It is not able to be watched on mobile devices.


So, so, so good. Really great tricks.


Nice stuff.

(UmeNagisa) #6

My lord. Way too good indeed.

also, How does the Krown play?
Been super curious!




Hmmmm I can watch it on my phone fine, the settings say that third party content is matched.

Thanks so much everyone :slight_smile:


Its not for you if you want 1 minute combos. Super light, but plays amazing. I’d suggest a p.wave if you like longer combos.

(UmeNagisa) #10

I Love super light throws.
How does the P.Wave stack up against it?
Does it play light for its weight?
If so. P.wave is so mine.


Well I like light yoyos, and the one time I tried the P.Wave I liked it. I’m young to have to buy one. Both are great options :slight_smile:

(UmeNagisa) #12

I love light yoyos too!
That’s why I wanna know haha.
Maybe I’ll eventually have both.
Who knows?


Yea I’m gonna grab a gold one when they hit the US. :slight_smile:

Now featured on Yoyoskills!! Thank you Chris :slight_smile:


Bump for this! Really wanting to get it over 1k, thanks for all the support already :slight_smile:




Now Featured on Yoyonews! Thanks to Patrick Borgerding for all the support :slight_smile: