Pariah or G2 Elite

Was thinking about both of these yoyos and since theres no real reviews on the Pariah thought this would be a good discussion🙌🏽

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Get a MonkeyfingeR/One Drop yoyo called the FireDevil Ridgeback…

As a safety precaution; put corks in your ears to keep your brains from dripping out.

And rub down your cheeks with some good skin lotion.

Otherwise the smile will make your face crack and fall off.


Well darn now I gotta look into it😂

I’ve had both.

They’re both high quality bi-metals no doubt. I prefer the pariah personally, but the elite is nice also.

There’s no clear cut answer to what’s better here, I would suggest going with what catches your eye more.


You don’t happen to have either anymore ? :grimacing::grimacing: