Paranoia tutorial?

If there is a single trick that is my all time favorite it is Paranoia by Jake Bullock. Many probably don’t know who Jake is but he was a big competitor in like the 05/06 era and has serious skill. Anyway this trick is awesome and I’ve always wanted to learn it but this is one of the only videos of the tricks and was hoping someone knew the trick or could learn it and make a tutorial?

I suck at learning tricks without a good tutorial and I usually am not one to learn others tricks or even watch tutorials but if someone could make a tutorial for this. I’d love you forever!


Is there a certain part that seems difficult?

The first and second slack are what I cant comprehend mainly but the whole trick.


Ok, so I slowed it down and I think I get what’s going on and how to do it, but the trick is a bit too difficult and overwhelming for me. I’ll keep working on it though, it is a very cool looking trick!


I enjoy taking tricks from vids, so I will see what I can do. If I can figure out what is happening I will make a tut, but you are going to have wait awhile.

Its simple really: all you have to do is go back in time to when this video was recorded and ask Jake how to do it. I’m not sure why this seems so complicated to you, its just a matter of time travel.

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I can actually do the trick, took me awhile but I get it now. Give me some time and I will make a tutorial.

I actually know jake bullock personally but I haven’t seen him in forever to get him to show me but an actual tutorial would be awesome.

Bump! Anyone want to help me out?