Tell me what u think

sorry for the bad quality of video didn’t have my camera this is Pali’s trick it’s called strawberry ironing board

theres no video bro


…then why make a post asking people what you think of the trick without a video or link to one?

maybe its because we need telepathy to get see the video… :o

I just got done with classes. That’s asking way too much for me as a person.

Wow dude, that’s skill right there! How long did that take to learn?

Are you serious?!? Where’s the video!?

I think that was a joke :smiley:

Oh i was getting worried i was crazy

you know telepathy would solve that…

Hahaha!! Oh that’s funny!!! Yes, its a joke. :smiley: ;D

XP Well im gonna stop giving this post views and commets now. XP Catch you guys on a different post.