Paper Mache endlessly screwing together

I got a Paper Mache through a trade. It was working fine until I decided to remove the axle. It was in pretty good so I needed to use my multi tool to get it out. When I put it back in it won’t fully tighten. I’ve tried different axle positions and it still won’t work.

If it still threads in, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to lock the axle into place.

The problem is when it threads into the other side it leaves the side the axle was in.

Sounds like you may have stripped the threads. As a quick fix, try using some locktite in the side it doesn’t tighten into. Let it set and try to put it back together. Otherwise find someone to rethread it for you. You will need to change the axle to the next larger size screw size.

Sounds like you may have been scammed, if the axle arrived stuck in the side and you weren’t informed, then contact the person you traded with. A quick fix would be to J-B Weld the axle into the stripped half of the yoyo, otherwise, you should contact Landon, or 3YO3 on these forms to have it fixed.