Axle Help

My YYJ Jamboo keeps unscrewing when I throw it. Is it broken forever or is there someway to fix that?

alright heres what you do you go to a hardware store like home depot or lowes then you buy some locktide thread locker and put some on da axle, then screw the axle back into it and let it dry THEN WELLA! it shouldnt screw out and maybe you just need to tighten it harder but dont over tighten i had the same problem with my axiom, hope this helps! :o :o :o

Make sure it’s not red??? I’m not sure… I think you have to get blue… it could be the other way around…

if you had to use loctite get the blue kind.
but a better way is teflon tape. you can find it at any hardware store.
it is better because if it does not work out well the first time, you can take it off and redo it easily.
loctite is not as easy to get off. both work pretty well but i prefer teflon tape.

Thats because you’re not tightening it enough.

Even if you think you have fully tightened it, give it another hard turn, not too much, just a little so that you can feel it is very tight. I used to have this problem with my meteor.