Paper clean help needed

So, one of my bearings started stalling at high rpm’s. I heard scout l about paper cleaning, and decided to give it a try. I have all the steps right until you spin the bearing with the paper inside. The paper I will not for in between the outer race and the balls or the inner race and the balls. If I try forcing it, the paper breaks off and is stuck in the bearing. help!

Try using construction paper thats what i use and it works.

The paper is meant to move at the same rate as the balls. You get it in-between the balls and then do the rotation. If it’s getting stuck, you’re not moving it at the same rate as the balls. :wink:

The balls are not meant to “go over” the paper, in other words.

The way I do it.
Put the paper in, then pinch both end of the paper together (the sharp end and the flat end folded together), pinch with the right hand. Then spin the outer race of the bearing as if I use the paper to clean only the outer race, along letting the paper drags the balls around… the inner race spins freely.

Exactly this!