Palli Puffin please


Hi guys i have a dire need for a Palli puffin gnarwhale if anyone is willing to buy sell or trade theirs i would greatly reward them with a 80-100+ dollars worth of yoyos depending on how they look at it

alchemy yoyos nimbus one small ding my value 20 dollars

clyw man v. bear bunch of dings that don’t affect play my value 30

john higby freehand zero mint condition my value 25

pocket change mint except for a missing cap it says fast instead of pocket change. 10

b grade skyline? well i know its b grade something 15

pics coming in minutes


here are the pics


link didnt work it went to ur login




can i c a pic of the skyline if its decent ill buy it i cant find it in ur pics. what color is it?


check link for pics


Pm’d yesterday. no response. i’m interested in the bear vs man


bvm pending changing the post to a sell posting


still waiting for you’re email so i can pay you

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