LF: reasonably priced CLYW Puffin or Orca

Im looking for a CLYW puffin or ORCA! Reasonable prices only- like unique colorways!

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Sorry dudes! Love both those yoyos, but just sold my Maiderade Orca last night.

Best of luck in the search!


No worries, Thanks Augie

I think @berayz has got an Orca for sale

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yes, sent @berayz a PM, thanks!

I have a Pink Puffin, has a few marks but is perfectly smooth, no vibe. Let me know if you’re interested!

what are you thinking on price??? kind of looking for a good deal

How about 70 shipped?

Wanted to bump this, are you still interested?

aye no worries, i actually ended up grabbing a good deal on an Orca! Thanks though homie

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