SOLD CLYW Puffin, OD Cascade. Both for $80


I would do $80 for both

FS/FT Condition/About PICS
Red Cascade NM, Really cool throw. Small flat spot I tried to get pictured.

|CLYW Puffin 1|Has some good damage shown but this puppy is smooth and really fun. |[lil dings]

(Tanner ) #2

I’m new to the forums but not to the Facebook bst so if this isn’t how you message on this I apologise but I’m interested in the wainbow bliss and wanted to see if I had any trades you’d be interested in


yea for sure! send me a pm

(Tanner ) #4

I have a practicaly mint puffin from the newest run, a inferno yoyos sonar, a node, and a blazing teens yoyo that’d I’d toss in just for kicks if we did a deal. Are you interested in any of them?


Once small caveat that @AndreBoulay @jhb8426 @vegabomb et al should be aware of – you can’t create a new account and instantly start PM’ing everyone on the forums for safety and security reasons. You need to reach trust level 1 first which requires a bit of reading in the forums.

Get to trust level 1 by…

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More details here.

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Fair enough! I forgot the details of my old account for the forums


bump bump in my trunk

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I think I pm’d you




Buy my yoyos. I need to eat


Only two left ladies and gents


this is a bump. for bumps purpose