Pajamas's's's BST LF: Classic, most anything else


Here’s my collection, willing to take offers on anything but probably will say no to most, but why not try if you see something you like?! Probably won’t let the Quake or Shutter go at all though, and the Jaeger would be really hard to get, but not impossible.

Top: Supernova (I know there’s a pinprick or two on this but I can’t find them), Burnside (2 pinpricks, have box), Jaeger (mint, have box), Shutter (mint, have box), Quake (mint, have box and button)
Mid: Onestar (mint w/ factory marks), Whip (mint, have box), Omnicron X (1 pinprick, 2-3 ano flaws, have tin), Throw Monkey (some 4a/5a marks), Rally (black scuff, have box)
Bot: Onestar x2 (both mint w/ factory marks), Freakhand (usual beginners 5a marks), OG Dark Magic (beat, cracks all over, sili’d myself, surprisingly smooth), 888x (beat, smooth, yellow stacks, already involved in a trade)

Would like to trade the marble blue Onestar for a Classic either with full sized bearing or keep bearings prior to trade, and the DM for… anything really. Hello Kitty XT maybe? Either way, those are the two I’m wanting to trade, but I’ll consider all others!



Lmao nice epic bump

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