LF: Cash! Offer.

CONUS only.

45+ All positive feedback on another forum.

Arctic Circle
Owl Canvas
Neon Protostar preferably Green or Pink
Split Decision
Feel free to offer

I’m willing to add cash or do “two-for-ones” depending on the throw’s condition, play, and edition.

I’m desperately looking for new throws, except for the gnarwhal, I regret trading my old one. So please offer. Note that I’d also prefer near mint throws because I’m looking for a new main. Mint “x” editions are cool, but don’t expect me wanting to pay extra for something I expect myself to damage within the next few months.


Near Mint Ocho 888. Rare delrin stacks! Short, Long, and T-Stacks. Dif-E-Yo KK (not a bootleg).


STYY Silver BB’d B-Grade Quark. Near Mint with Box and Pouch!


Mint with tin Dif-E-Yo Juggernaut. No KK, but buttery smooth!

YYF Mateusz Ganc Supernova. Beautiful purple with gold splash. Smooth, but notable damage.


2A Pair of BAC edition Unleashed. Excellent condition. A few scratches and molding marks/dings.

do you still have the superstar?

On the Ronin, am I correct in understanding that the ding was painted over?

u still have the unleasdes

kyril, i’m getting some more o-rings on the site, so when they come i can give you back your pair, if you want. oh, and could you give me the trade count feedback for the superstar trade?


That’s a classic ocho8ocho not an 07 ocho

Up. Unleashes are still available, but not on Ebay. Offer.

Some throws that didn’t go through Ebay. Might relist, but first to the community!