Pajama Man!

Have you guys seen this new Cabin Tutorial? Its called Pajama Man!

Its giving me some serious trouble, especially that first hop but I’m not giving up!

Fell free to discuss below.  ;D

YES! another slick trick from Jensen.

I’m ready for this. ;D

Not sure how I’m supposed to react to this. :wink:

seems like a really cool trick. maybe I’ll learn it sometime.

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You could always just learn it right now. :smiley:

I love this combo and want to learn it but it’s pretty intimidating.

The music is the soundtrack for solving a complicated math problem (which it is, pretty much).

Fav cabin tutorial yet!

Man I need jensen’s hands to achieve this haha

The first hop was a little strange at first but I’m getting it now. It’s like the yoyo should lightly pop straight up into the front string of the slack loop, and the hands move to the side to land the 1.5 but the yoyo only moves vertically. At least that’s what helped me.

Now to get the first pop clean and consistent…

The first whip wasn’t bad but the second, on my gosh, it’s so hard.

Exactly this. I thought the first one would be tricky to learn, but I got it after half an hour. The second, though… 2-3 hours in and I still can’t get it.

I wanna start learning the rest of the trick! :stuck_out_tongue: at this rate it’ll take a month.

Still stuck on that silly second whip

Same here… I realized, though, that I was doing it wrong. I was doing it as a hidemasa hook, but it left the strings in a different position that made the next part of the trick impossible. I’m thinking it’s more of a plastic whip now, but I can’t do it at all, lol. Oh well, hopefully some day.

That second whip is actually one of the few things Kimmitt missed in his 2011 worlds freestyle. And he makes it even harder here! I can hit it inconsistently, but not like in Pyjama man, where the whip catches at the same time the yoyo lands on the bottom string inside that formation… no way…

Anyone have any tips/recommendations for how to get that second whip? Issue I’m having is if I whip the string around the yoyo like a double plastic whip, I wind up hooking it (with a third string going over my index finger, instead of behind it). If I do a single one I can get it, but there’s no way to do that and still land it in the formation, you need to go around an extra time to give the yoyo the height it needs.

I’ve been trying to just do the reverse double plastic whip outside of the trick (and that mount), with mixed results. Not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong, so it’s frustrating!

I have only landed the first hop once and I wasn’t giving it much thought. I keep landing in a triangle. For me the second hop/whip is far easier although I’m not yet consistent. Still boggled by the first. ??? Such a cool trick though and the soundtrack is so rad.

I’m still not consistent with either. But the second one was a bit easier with a longer string.

Sheesh, it’d be nice to learn this trick one day…