Cabin Tutorials Pajama Man Trick Help...

So I’ve been trying to learn this trick since it was first posted a while back. It took a while to get the 1.5 mount whip down, but I finally did. I thought once I had that down that it would be easy to get the rest of the trick, but I can’t get the whip after the dismount from 1.5 down. It’s like a backhanded whip of the yoyo/string, while your non throw hand and non throw thumb are holding the back part of the string open. I’ve only managed to whip into something like a green triangle with the whip, which is actually a pretty cool trick, but I want to get this down.

If anybody knows this trick, and can explain exactly what it is I have to do I would appreciate it.

Do you know what it looks like? Like do you know how to do it but you can’t? If so, try this. Practice the whip in front of the rest of the string but don’t land on the back string. After you get that down, practice putting it on the back string.

Thanks for the suggestion. I figured it out last night. I was trying to do the whip with my throw hand closed the whole time, I watched the video again (I’ve watched it a lot) and realized that once the string whips around your hand once you have to stick your pointer finger out to create the loop that catches in the string. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get it down pat now.