how can i paint my yoyo in a decent quality without it smearing or bulging ???

any tips on how to make cool images

You will need a clear yoyo.
Most yoyo painting is done on clear yoyos so you paint on the inside to prevent any trouble with the surface of the yoyo itself.

Solid colors can be painted with an airbrush, pictures with a handbrush and sometimes stencils are used.

Pretty fun way to be creative. I am not the best yo painter in the world, but it gives you a chance to show your artistic side!


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I did one! Take a silver sharpie, and paint a spider web. Have 8 lines coming out from the center, then draw loops that go in between. It has to connect 2 lines, and the middle has to curve towards the center. Look on google for images,.

Consistency of the paint itself got to do with the smearing and bulging problem.

If you use water based/oil based paint please mix the paint carefully so it wont get too thick or too thin.

To make a cool picture. You can either draw it by your own hand. Or get any picture you can find, put the clear yoyo cap on top of it, and trace it using a very fine brush. Then you can statr the coloring process.

Remember to draw the picture on the backside of the clear cap, so your hand will not accidently wipe it off during play.

Hope it helps

…or you can dye the yoyo into colors…

Happy Throwing! =]

WoW ty for the help guys :smiley: