Paint On Clear YoYos?

Hey all! So I have been wanting to pick up some Freehands and FHZ’s to paint and I was wondering what kind of paint to get? I have water color and some acrylic (which is really thick) and I wanted to know what kind to get? I remember in art class at school they had some thin stuff so I am guessing just that stuff? Thanks!

Most of the people that I’ve seen paint clear yo-yos use acrylic paint on the inside of the yo-yo. Some are thicker than others, but you should be able to thin it with water.

…or proper use of paint thinner. :smiley:

Since when do yoyoers use items for what they are intended?

If there was a list of things that I liked. This would be high up there.

Paint thinner is an oil based solvent for oil based paints. Acrylic paint is water based. You use water to thin it.

Any kind of acrylic should work. Just remember to paint inside the yoyo, in the cup, not the outside.

Because it’s true!