Paint/Appearence alteration.

my friend’s giving me his 09 aqua 888x for my yuuksta and the shade of blue his 888x is is just bad. I hav ean option now. I can either sand the blue down like i did with my friend’s 2010 888x which is a lighter blue and cooler. Or if you guys can give me some way to paint it. Any ideas?

I would be really hard to paint it your self. You best best is “satining”, (or sanding, as you put it), or hiring a yoyo painter to paint it.

Edit: Or there is always anodization, but anodizers tend to be a bit difficult to track down.

hm… ill just satin it.

Instead of satining it and scratching it all up, consider stripping it, polishing it or find an anodizer.

Just pointing this out, but the 2010 888 is the 888x and the 09 888 is just an 888.