Painful Start to 2a Style

Hey guys, i just recently started learning 2a style about 2 hours ago. and i was just wondering if it is suppose to hurt your yoyo finger (this is my dominant hand)…
my finger hurts alot, and i have not been looping for more than 30mins in those 2 hours. i’ve been doing 1a for about 10months. but im guessing that does not build a strong enough callous?

im not sure if im doing it wrong or not. but my finger hurts even when i switch back to 1a.

No Pain, No Gain? ???

dude the same thing happened to me but think about it. your putting constant force on your finger pulling in and out at fast speeds.

It’s all in the wrists.

According to André’s video it’s actually mostly in the middle finger:!
At 1:25…

Back to the OP’s problem though, with looping you will initially get hurt a lot when you play a lot, but I’ve found that looping causes a callous to form incredibly quickly. Just grin and bear it, and soon you should be able to play for ages without any pain.

can anyone tell me how “responsive” a 2a yoyo is supposed to be?
a video would be appreciated if possible. ;D

my raider is not consistant, it is unresponsive sometimes and that does not loop right.

Put a friction sticker over one of the starbursts.