oxygene IV bearing

I’ve got a OXY IV that needs the bearing cleaned and I can’t get the shield off any ideas? I’ve put a koncave in but it’s not the same. Plus what’s a good replacement for Dif-Pads my old sportster is not receased for silicone.

Oxy takes a metric bearing which is a little larger than C. Konkaves are not very good for the oxy anyways since the gap is adjustable so the centered bearing will be off a little.

listed here under ilyy:

As for the pads I’m not sure. I think onedrops .555 will fit along with general yo’s .555 but I’m not 100%.

Just keep working at it the sheilds will come off eventually

If you can find a thin sewing needle instead of a sewing pin (push-pin), try that.

The tip of a sewing needle is far finer than the tip of a pin in most cases. Might be just what you need to get in there and pop that C-retainer free.

Yea that actually does help a lot I have first hand experiance with that

It could be a bearing that doesn’t allow for shield removal. I had one once.

I’ve taken the shields off a ton of bearings but these don’t seem to have a clip at all ive tried hypo needles and push pins under my shop magnifying lamp no luck.

Ah. Different story, then. Apparently you can wedge something in there and just rip the shields off. That’s what I’m told (with regard to A-bearings that do not have shields) but I have yet to successfully do this.

If you can’t get the shields off you can still try cleaning it.
Just use spirit/lighter fluid and put a drop of lube on the bearing and screw it together.

The bearing won’t be watertight so it should still work, I did this with a H-Spin bearing of mine. :smiley: