oversized spin top string


I am making a big top and i was wondering what kind of string/rope should i use for it or if I make some string, what should i make it out of?
It’s about 7 1/2" at the widest part and once its done it will be about 11"-11 1/2" tall with the tip and everything.


That is a pretty big top!
You will need a rope, somewhat skinny but still a true rope. If you use something thinner, like a cord for hanging clothes, it will end up too long, specially for boomerang. Look for something not too sleek or rigid, ideally with some cotton. On my 10" wide top I use a half inch diameter diamond braided rope.
So design a tip big enough to take it.

Is it hollowed? I hope so :smiley: Will you put a bearing tip?


yes it’s hollow and im putting one way bearings in it. I was also wondering how long should the rope be?


The length depends on the thickness of the rope and the style of throw. The wrap should go about 1/3 of the top up, no more. For very large tops the way of throwing them is like a bowling bowl and you need a shorter rope.


thanks i’ll make sure i post a picture once it’s done. ;D


that’s an understatment


That is a pretty big