over arm-style tricks

ok so i have been analyzing mickeys performance, and have been trying to do the over arm/elbow trick performed at 1:33 on the meteor video. i got so far that you do a breakaway let it go around and do a trapeezey type mauver over your arm. then you pop it up and use the finger on the arm that has the string around it to…bend? the yoyo down on the string. then it goes so fast that i can’t keep up. soooo…any tuts or idea on how to use this style of play? i like it alot, and am sad he only divoted like 5 seconds too it

Just to be sure, we are watching Mickey’s 2008 FS right? For that over-arm trick Mickey did, I do not think there would be a tutorial, for it was an original trick (I may be wrong, but I have not seen one).

For things like that, the best thing to do would be to make up your own! Have fun with it!

You can also watch others who do this style (or have tricks similar to) for ideas. The ones I can think of right now are John Ando and John Chow.

I do know of a tutorial for one of John Ando’s tricks:
It is a pretty neat trick!

Hope this helps!

Jensen Kimmitt is a great example when it comes to these types of tricks. Just watch his videos, and try to get inspiration. Also, I’ll be sure to make a YYET on one of my tricks that includes arm/head movement.


that is what i am talking about!!! that guy is amazing! i got a good idea of, mounts per-say for the over arm style. this guy is SOOOOO much better at it than mickey! THNX!

…And then there is Offstring-king Rei Iwakura, whose 1A style includes VERY MUCH over-the-arm tricks. Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/v/Irheg0sU-8w&hl=en&fs=1&

I’m not sure if you can figure anything out from that, but at least that is CREATIVE.

wait wait, was that 4a? or 1A because at the end he popped it off the string, but the rest of the time he played 1A??? confusion? yea, hes got lots of slide-y tricks where he just slides down his arm…these people are genius’s! i guess i don’t have the mentality to make up tricks like these yet…

YEs, but i think he just took off the string from his finger and shot it up in the air, but it is possible to play 4a and 1a  whatch doctor popular he will wind the string off the yoyo, its pretty cool, take a look at it

What Yo-Yo did DocPopular use in that?

It look like a good one.

Hey ive been trying some crossarm as well. Its easy once you get it. World Champion Tyler Severnace did some cross-arm at the maryland state yoyo contest. He did it slow enough to keep up with and this is how I learned so check it out. Its in the beginning

i’ll look into this for a bit. i had actually seen this before but i didn’t pay attention to much, so now i will ;D

Some info here: The trick that Rei did is called Skyrocket and the Doc Pop’s concept/trick is called Washing Machine. (What a name… ;D)

I think its a bolt. It sure looks like one.