Can anybody make a tut for this for me?!?

I will <3 you forever and be forever in you debt!



Do you want every trick? I can probably make a tutorial for a few but now that school started I don’t really have time to learn all of them. Can you pick your favorite 2 or 3 of those tricks and give me like 3-4 days?


the one starting at the 37sec mark. I thought I posted it lol

ty!!! <3

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The arm trick?

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yes please!!!

Thanks André! <3

I’ll give it a try later today and see what I can do, no promises though. It looks deceivingly easy :grimacing:


Editing the tut atm, will link it soon


Here u go boss, definitely is way harder than it looked


OMG!!! dude this is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!

Gunna get practicing right away! Will post a vid ASAP!!

Thanks so much, you are the best! <3


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@Charles_Haycock is still one of my all time favorites. :heart:

Mad props to you @Kawasaki_T for putting that together so fast! :raised_hands:

I’ve figured out that the easiest way to do the roll around your arm at 2:00 in the video is to bring the string your non throw hand is holding as far along your arm as possible, so you have a shorter length of string between your NTH and your elbow, allowing more free string for the yoyo to swing around your arm. Sorry if that sounds confusing, but I’m sure you’ll figure out all the little nuances with practice. If you need any further guidance, I can post an update video. Thank you and André for the kind words though :slight_smile: