Over 40? Yoyo for physical fitness!


I keep telling my wife yoyo counts as exercise!



If I am not wrong I think yoyoing helps to reduce calories.because we are using hands and fingers.

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Yoyoing with workout music is like cardio in gym.but you burn less calories.please go to gym and take a good diet.Many people don’t dance also please watch a dance video and try to do dance steps and watch yourself in mirror.

As much as I want to say yoyoing is good for cardio, I can’t jump on that wagon - I’ve seen too many pot-bellies and double chins in yoyoing videos that I just can’t agree with this


Totally agree. Yoyoing is not nearly as physically demanding as something like running is.


If really they want a workout it is better they go to gym.

Yes dude but the feeling is same you burn very less calories in yoyo. I mean with workout music it’s amazing. For real workout going to gym is best. Those who have not played with yoyo please do it.those who have not went to gym, running,walking,yoga, meditation please do it.once take the experience

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No it isn’t…

…You could burn more calories dreaming of lifting heavy yo-yos in your sleep.

If yoyoing is exercise than peeling a banana is powerlifting.

Throwing yo-yos is: good for circulation, good for generating positive brain endorphins, a great excuse to listen to Nirvana everyday and an excellent way to attempt to justify buying all the yo-yos you have by showing others you actually use them.

Yoyoing and sitting down thinking of yo-yos burns about the same amount of calories.

I love yo-yos and throwing yo-yos. But I never thought of it as exercise.

I have to go exercise now. I am going to sit in a law chair and dream of jumping rope in the desert.


@yoyodoc ok your right but I already mentioned go to gym,yoga,walking,jogging,dancing, skipping… Please for fitness don’t rely on yoyo. I mentioned. Ok

For fitness learn doing planks,pushups. Best going to gym is best. Yoyoing is just a game. For real fitness please go to gym.