Outlier Yoyo


Looking for some feed back on the Outlier yoyo. Seems solid as far as I can tell but the price is getting up there for what i want to spend. If you have one i would like to know what it plays similar to.


Oh yeah that’s Brandon Vu’s yoyo. I presume it’s quite solid since he’s a great yo-yo reviewer and competitive thrower himself! I need to order one of these.

There is a review of sorts here


Maybe we could convince LorenzYo Cubing to visit here and comment :wink:


Having tried almost all of its prototypes, I must say that it’s a great competition throw.

But for the price, I’d go for an Elite.

Wanna know why?
I borrowed a friend’s prototype, played it for a bit, but then suddenly dinged it.
It became as vibey as it could get, tried tuning it in every possible way, but to no avail sadly.

Quality may not be that good from what I tried, and oh I also have a Mobius from them, it came with brass rings that were almost black ( I do not know why ), one of the rings causes vibe to the yoyo so their QC is not as good as they say on their website from what I have tried.

I have also heard that one of the famous youtube yoyo reviewers has no interest in trying their products because they kept ignoring his messages whenever he tried to get in touch with them in order to make a review.

Still though, I would love to support them, but imo it’s not worth it at all.


Whats an Elite


G Squared Elite. I really like the 2018 version a lot!



I know you can’t post direct links to the store but where can i buy an Elite


Good luck… you’re gonna need it… check out the instagram account g2_drops to find out when drops are available.


Thanks for all the help


If you are now worrying about the SS rings being easily shifted after dinging it or hitting a surface then don’t worry, the new run/batch of outliers now up for preorder on the Offset website are slightly tweaked comparing with the first run. Plays still as good according to Brandon but minor issues such as the SS rings displacing easily have been fixed.

I have a personal engraved one and it’s staying with me forever :slight_smile:

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I don’t see any photos of the proposed colorways, which makes choosing one something of a guessing game.


Pics are on his video he posted the other day.


When I mentioned rings, I was talking about my Mobius which is their first bimetal yoyo.
Mine came from the second batch, when I got it out of its box I realized it wasn’t a high quality throw as they tend to describe it… I was very disappointed to be honest, they said EACH MOBIUS is guaranteed to be vibe free.

Customer service is pleasant though, maybe they have progressed with the new Outlier batch but paying over 150 bucks for a yoyo that has vibe is surely unpleasant.


YESSS my procrastination PAID OFF AGAIN

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