Outlier mini reviews?

I’ve been looking for reviews or videos about the outlier mini and haven’t found any details. Can anyone give a comparison to a recess snack in terms of how it plays?


I didn’t have the snack, but I will say the mini outperforms,

I’ve tried both the steel shutter and the mini to see which plays nicer, the mini feels wide at 37.95 mm in width, but it’s nice to have fun and train, like all yo-yos if you use too much finesse and you are sloppy it will tilt, but for a mini Yoyo it keeps its spin and stays in plane, also

it’s great for horizontal

if you want to improve your horizontal play it’s amazing. And I was surprised at how great it was at preventing snagging! As mini yo-yos are notorious for that.

(Tldr: it’s an amazing miniature trainer Yoyo with an awesome price tag that is definitely worth the snag)

Im far from the best yoyoer here but i love the mini. Its the yoyo i take to work cause its so easy to just fit in the pocket and it performs so well and a decent price. Don’t think anyone would regret it.

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