Outlier 2 opinions!

Does anyone have an outlier 2 by offset yoyos?

How does it play?

How do you like it?


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I absolutely love mine! It’s tied right now as my favorite throw! And I own:
Overdrive Draupnir
CLYW Akita
G3 Galaxy Dinosaur
G2 Banshee SS
One drop Free solo
And more


In my opinion, it’s super nimble yet powerful on the string, and very smooth. Only downside is if you don’t particularly like sharp yoyos, it might feel uncomfortable


I agree with @noodles assessment. I love how it plays but deeefinitely wish those edges were a little more rounded off, since that hand feel is a little sharp.

I think the Duncan bimetal offerings are worth taking a look at. Have quite a few bimetals myself and the Duncans (specifically the GTR-JS) are really (and surprisingly) major standouts in terms of performance AND value at the same time.