out of school; one throw per style 1a 2a 3a 4a 5a




It was really obvious u sped up 1a


LOL i didnt


Do u compete in 1a? Wats ur name?


no but if you listen to the pulsing in the ac between 1a and 3a you could tell its the same =.=


Woah… Are you sponsored? :o


That was awesome. You seem to be a very well rounded, skilled player.


This is pretty awesome actually! Great work…what throw did you use for free hand?


Skip to 0:35, if this is real he is faster than mickey



At 35 he is doing 2a (or 3a I can’t remember) i have seen people go this fast before. Mickey is very talented and certainly knows how to go fast, others can do the same. The more technical tricks that he is doing are also easier to do fast with practice. This guy is VERY skilled (mad props by the way dude, I wish I could offer you a sponsorship but that is made complex by the fact that I don’t own a company), so it is very believable that he could be going this fast.


Throws used:
1a: YYR Attune
2a: YYJ Vortex
3a: YYF 888/Adegle Sandglass
4a: Hayabusa
5a: Proton

Idk why he doesn’t believe that it wasnt sped up I have nothing on Marcus Koh and plus the Attune is so light it’s super easy to play like that. I’ll just take it as a compliment that he thinks it was sped up when I was playing at my normal speed:)

Thank you very much for the kind compliments as I do not make very much youtube videos or yoyo that much anymore (college)


35 in the mickey vid


I also think it was sped up… Your shorts are moving way to fast, and the little jump you did made it seem unbelievable because of how fast it was

(Jei Cheetah) #14

Ok something I gotta say.
I have known Tyler for years, and I have seen him yoyo much since I first met him in 2007.
I can say for sure that he is indeed as fast a 1A player as he is in this video.
He was in my BAC video this year at 3:24 ish and you can def see that its in real time and he def goes at some very high speeds at parts of his trick.

Take it from someone who see’s it in person, and knows the skills of a player of 6+ years.

Awesome stuff man, and nice to see a bit of 4A from you again!



Maybe he’s just fast.


He should have had a pendulum set up behind him.


He goes to my meets. And this guy it legit, he can go that fast.