Who is faster?

I was just watching some youtube and got to thinking who is faster Augie Fash or Mickey??? Thought it would be a good little debate topic. Me personaly can’t really tell, they both are so fast I can barely keep up with either. l0l

I honestly can’t tell either, it depends what trick they are doing.

Depends on the trick. Overall Augie is usually faster for all his tricks, but mickey’s Split bottom signature and his wierd side style sig are faster than any of augies tricks. The rest of mickey’s tricks are more flowy, but all of augie’s are fast.

Should call Augie Fash Augie Flash. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Augie :wink:

I honestly would hate my name to be based on my yoyoing.

Samad sucky.

I don’t like it…

Oh, c’mon Samad. You’re not sucky. You’re amazing. Compared to me, I am nowhere near you. I can’t do 1/2 of the stuff you can. You’re good. You can get at least 4th or up in 1A or J1A. Don’t down yourself. :slight_smile:

Not to offend, he seemed joking.


Dude, I’m serious. Not joking.

Ha, yeah, Evan is right. I was joking :slight_smile:

Well, Mickey is faster in whips and flow. Also, I don’t know. I have to go with Mickey after his 2006 AP Freestyle.

YOu might think about it. Mickey’s yo-yos are made for cutting throught the air really fast. Only his whips are fast.

Augie uses big, bulky metals and yet his tricks overall are done with such precision and speed.

I think Augie is faster overall.

Both, they got the same speed balance.

Happy Throwing! =]

honestly I would like to Mickey go as fast as he can without gloves and light yo-yo’s.

No clue who’s faster, but here’s some new tricks.  :smiley:
WARNING: Explicit lyrics. Sorry about that!

Augie! You’re back!!!

Man you are really good Augie! ;D

That was sweet Augie! And I forgot one person… Yuuki Spencer! So Augie, Mickey, or Yuuki?

Augie, You’re here!!! Hey, I’m your biggest fan!

Happy Throwing! =]

Man, he lost a lot of weight. I think that’s one of the biggest topics now.