Our new cat


Here is a quick vid of our cat who has been with us around a week or so

Yes, the one who is scared of yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:






Mew to you as well :slight_smile:


You need to pet kittehs under there chin they love that!


Noonar, your new cat bears many characteristics of the abyssinian breed in fur color, large ears, almond eyes and lighter colored chin and belly. (There are a few stripes which pure bred abbys don’t have.) Notice the classic tabby letter “M” on the forehead. Where did you get you new kitty?

It certainly looks like you have acquired a wonderful new companion in your family!

(BTW, don’t try too hard to show your cat yoyos are nothing to be feared. Cats don’t really respond well to attempts of convincing them their fears are groundless. Just ignore him (or her) when he runs in fear when you’re throwing. Perhaps in time his curiosity will get the best of him and he’ll stick his nose out to investigate. There is a yoyo shop in Manitou Springs where the owner brings his dog Nick in everyday. Nick barks incessantly whenever he hears the sound of a spinning yoyo but they make it all work out everyday.)



Thanks! We got her at a Humane Society near where I live. My dad refused to let us get anymore pets, but we got her anyways and now she loves it here. At first she hated my yoyos and feared them, but now she watches me yoyo sometimes.


Hey, my cat is black with a white tummy and chin and paws (soooooo cute she’s wearing a little tuxedo). It also has large ears and almond eyes. Does this mean I have an Abyssinian kitty?


No Absynnians are light brown with some with on the belly and chin