our fundraising thread

since no one seems to have an opinion about our fundraiser i decided to give this post a bump and post our pics from the local side of the fund raising on st armands.

some pictures of the fundraising efforts. me and laura on st armands cir collecting donations:

and our props. the slogans where “forget me-knots” for the POW MIA and “sand dollars for your dollars” giving free sand dollars for donations over $1. went well but we only get to do this for a couple hours between filling orders. not too too many people in sarasota wanting to support the cause but we dont let it detur us. :slight_smile: if we only hand them a check for $100 then so be it. at least we did something for the community.

but also as a disclaimer to all: Randell Short String MFG CO. representing chaosyoyos.com and ourselves I would like to say that we do not condone war or violence of any kind. war is a horrible, but ::sigh:: sometimes necessary fact of life (although i believe there is always a better way). We only do this for the veterans who have been screwed over by their own government (broken promises and such) and support our troops everywhere around the world as well as those who’ve given their lives to try to help our nation. we are patriots and nationalists ourselves who have the utmost respect for them. (i sure as hell aint the one going over there voluntarily with an M-16 (although wouldnt pass up on the chance, but they wont let me because of my tattoos :/) to back up my nation. point being made… some videos!@ :slight_smile:

of course, i had to make a yoyo video while i was out there :wink: :thumbsup:

i think it’s much better than some of my previous ones. i actually had to learn how to yoyo (a little bit) to make this one. i finally got that damn “sideways revolutions” trick down! :slight_smile: the word “gyroscopic flop” was escaping me when asked about how to do sideways revolutions by laura.

the second video is more of an “outtake” because it needs editing, but you can actually see a lady with her daughters giving us our first donation, and getting a couple sand dollars. there is a lot of footage of my back taking apart my yoyo to fix my “binds gone horribly wrong” :stuck_out_tongue:

and let us know what you think!!! we like feedback as well :wink:

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