Other Yoyos

When I was starting out, I was looking at alot of different yoyo makers. But on the board here, alot of them aren’t metioned, at least what I have seen. Are they not the quality of yoyos that users at your levels would use? I started learning string tricks with a Yomega HHW and found that it wasn’t wide enough, is that the same with others? The Yoyos I’m talking about are ones like Tom Kuhn, Henry’s, Yomega, etc. Just wondering.

As far as I know, you are correct. They don’t make the same quality of yoyos are the higher end as the main companies do i.e. yyf, 1drop, AnY, CLYW, Dif, Duncan, etc. (the main high end companies) Plus, the lesser companies, like Tom Kuhn’s and Yomega, sell their high end yoyos for much more than the more major companies would.

That may play a part in everyones buying decision, but the main part is that yoyo doesn’t fit the profile of what someone wants i.e. looks or price. Or it got a bad review so no one thinks it’s good. Another could be someone told that person to get a different one because it is o so good. Not talking bad about it but if you look at a lot of the posts people make they always want others to buy a Dark Magic just becaue they like it.