original Atmosphere response

What are the thinnest pads that would fit an original (pre-Solid Spin) Atmosphere? The new YYJ silicone o-rings are too thick and protrude a lot. Apparently the original Atmosphere had a shallower recess and thinner stock o-rings. I would use flowable silicone, but the recess is pretty shallow.

What about the thin HAT or Gen pads by General Yo? It would have to be pretty thin in depth and outer diameter to fit…

Why not the pads that came stock with it, silliconing it yourself is the best choice, I did that with mine.(hate stock response)

I’ve got a couple sg pads, I think, that I’m not gonna need. Pm me your address and if I find them, they’re yours.

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Hey I received them on Thursday and checked them out. They’re identical in thickness to YYJ pads, so I don’t think they’ll work any better for me. Couldn’t get a focused picture of them side by side.

Anyways thanks a lot for the effort! I owe ya one :slight_smile: Let me know if you want them back.


I’ll buy them from you waylon depending on price, im in need of response :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry to threadjack.

EDIT: i gave fail advice, now deleted. sorry.

You can just hang on to them or pass them along :slight_smile: