Origin of "Unknown" yo-yo branding?


I see this pop up on black yo-yos from time to time, the “Unknown” logo branding.

image image

What is the origin and provenance of this “Unknown” logo? What does it mean? Where did it come from?


No one really knows.


I did find this

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Yeah, It’s Bryan Figueroa’s brand.


Bryan is ‘Unknown’. He is one of the nicest guys in yoyo land and beyond the Unknown.

Best yoyo holder I have ever used.

EDC for me.

(InvaderDust) #6

I second the awesomeness and quality of the yoyo holder. Also, their soft yoyo bag just oozes in quality built design and materials.

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Oooo you have the all brown one :ok_hand:. I can agree on everything you said. Also what’s the spec sheet on that OD?


What’s the 2nd throw pictured? Looks outstanding!


So… wait… all these different brands (just in those pics from the first post we have SF, TopYo, Core, Japan Tech) cleared that usage with Bryan? I know I’ve seen it on yoyofreaks as well, and probably a half dozen other brands.

I mean, I’ve met Bryan too and I have his signed 2017 YYE card, but it seems odd that everyone gets to use “his” branding on black yo-yos?

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Those are more like collaborations between his brands and the brands interested in that kind of thing. Bryan is kind of a legend so many people get excited to work with him.


Can anyone name them all from history?
That would be awesome!!

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Was thinking the same thing

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Love ZIP ZOP, buuuuuuuuut… Yogi Poops is better :wink:

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Ill be sure to let you know if I find any on the BSTs.

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You don’t have too, thanks though. All my money is in other yo-yos :man_shrugging:


Code… if I told you what it meant; it would no longer be unknown😉

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Isnt that that unreleased “square” onedrop? How on Earth did you get your hands on that?


Uh… I found it at the Alamo. In the basement. Right next to Pee Wees’ bicycle. :wink:


Where did it come from?
its unknown bro


I stumbled upon this cool little yoyo while looking for something else🙀.

Back when JD was releasing one off batches of his designs; he did this small yoyo. And he had 1 made up different than the rest. His intention was to keep it himself.
I got in on the tail end of the drop and the various splashes and such were history.
Knowing I kinda lean towards smaller yo-yos; he sent me this particular one for Unknown reasons.
We’ve been good friends for a few decades. But I’ve always felt like he should have kept it for his personal collection.
It is amazingly fun to throw.