Origin of "Unknown" yo-yo branding?

(Spinworthy Glen) #21

My Unknown JT FiReal.


Bryan is one of the coolest, most humble, and most creative yoyoers ever. And his minimalist design approach is super inspiring and lends itself really well to classy yoyo engravings.

I reeeeeeally miss this kuntosh!

Also the Diesis he did for CoreCo might be the wildest of the unknown variations:

(Nathan) #23

The Ignition has a new unknown thingie:

(Nathan) #24

Just saw this:
Thanks to @Damb


Here’s another on the SF Statement


50.0755° N, 14.4378° E :thinking:

Google Maps says that’s a location in Prague

Looking at Street View, it’s a Catholic church on one side and this building on the other, the National House of Vinohrady.

The Neo-renaissance building - National House of Vinohrady was built in 1894. Together with the Vinohrady Theater and St. Ludmila church it is one of the dominant buildings on Namesti Miru square. Namesti Miru is sqare in the center of Prague, close to Wenceslav Square…

(shubham) #26

it came from Adobe Illustrator. the logo has something to do with eleven or one.


I thought it was stylized 1’s in the letters of U and N, to represent “unknown”. Or at least that is what it looks like.