Ok guys, I’ve been working on Organize, from for 2 days, and i have most of it down, except i need to smooth it out, and I need some help on a roll with the yoyo, from the 1.5 mount, into a modified version of that.

Here is the link to the video
The roll is at 2:50

If someone could please explain it better, or make a better video, i’ve tried this roll 90 different ways, and just can’t figure it out.

Thanks for the help.


This is a really awkward move that I’m still perfecting. The best advice that I can give is make sure that the yo-yo rolls in between your arms. You’ll also have to curl in your throwhand index finger to make sure that string doesn’t fly off during the roll. It took me a while, but study that video and I promise you’ll get it. It took me quite a few repeat visits over a few week span but I finally just “got it” one day ;D


(assuming your not lefty) It makes that part a lot easier to learn and understand just by turning to your left before the roll.