Orangtastic - By Ibanezcollector With Wallpaper & Breakdown

Well this is a trick I made up and I am actually kind of proud of it, most of my tricks are so so to begin with but this one I think flows nicely and looks slick. It involves a lot of reverse style barrel rolls and ends in a GT imagine that haha I use a GT in a trick.

Wallpaper Here

pretty good

Nice, but what interested me the most is the song. What is it? Sounds a bit like something Joe Satriani would do.

it’s satch boogie by joe satriani… i think

Song is by Steve Vai called Juice…

steve vai, joe satriani, i swear there practically the same person.

just a little intresting fact, joe satriani gave steve vai guitar lessons back in the day

cool, btw what yoyo was that?

now, if you’ll excuse me, i need to go pick up crossroads from the library.

Sweet trick, really like how well it flows

BTW, do you do yoyo painting services for people?

awesome use of a trick i thought i was the only one to use! reverse style barrel rolls are amazing and i love using them in my combos and freestyles