orange muntant dna?

(jared) #1

i got a orange muntant dna and someone told me the orange one is really rare, i was wondering how many were made


Well, it is a lot rarer than the Purple one.

I think there are somewhere around 30-50, but I don’t know for sure.

(jared) #3

joe said there was only 10 but he said he wasnt sure

(JM) #4

I remember seeing a quantity of 7 at the YYN store, so 10 might be right.

(Jesse) #5

I heard that they never even hit Yoyonation…

(JM) #6
If you look around at the options, you’ll see the orange one.  Even in the pictures.  Sorry for the outside link but they are out of stock.

(jared) #7

so its ether 30-50 or 10?

(JackG) #8

i have one and im pretty sure its 15

(jared) #9

ok thanks ill go with 15